Saturday, October 2, 2021


So you are stuck in this CS lecture where your tenured teacher professes quasi-affectionately about Markov decision process and reinforcement learning. 

In a way you are not stuck since you always had a choice not to crawl out of bed to come to live lecture this particular morning, especially everything nowadays is videoed due to the damn Virus. But anyway here you are, perhaps to learn something, perhaps just to check out that hot chick---- who, by the way, always has this boyfriend object guarding besides her like a shopkeeper. You are always here for the best, you would think.

You are sitting in this lecture, not listening, reminiscing and reading the Whatsapp conversation you had with Ms. Sedgwick. Suddenly a phrase from Hisoka Side Story clicks in your mind: 「技多不壓身。」For years you have interpreted this as "it DOESN'T HURT to acquire many skills". But now you think of it, could it actually mean that "it DOESN'T HELP to acquire many but shallow skills"? 

Virus is an interesting word and metaphor. It is a word in biological science referring to the submicroscopic infectious agent, yet computer science borrows it to mean something close--- "a malicious piece of computer code designed to spread from device to device". Could it be that COVID is not a virus in the biological sense but instead in the computer sense? This is not to say that we are living in a computerized simulated world, which has become hackneyed and over-symbolized. This is to say that the Virus is a bug in our current state of world, infecting many of its "rules", "programs", and "usual behavior"--- just like some certain country is often deemed the cancer cell of human world.

Whatever that means. I don't have a message. I am apolitical and I don't have a purpose.

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